Hey y’all, its Robbie. I want you to DWELL better. I know, it’s pretty presumptuous to assume that you don’t already, I mean, I haven’t seen your home, unless you’re a client, family or friend, right? Maybe your home is exactly as you want…the right size, decorated to a “T” and perfectly in order. But maybe you’re unsettled and frustrated as I once was.

Last year, I was living in a big house in the suburbs with plenty of space, a big yard, a big garage, and an even bigger responsibility. I found myself always trying to keep the yard decent and the place afloat but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t afford the house or the responsibilities that came along with it.  It was a mess and I was miserable. I struggled with what to do for months considering leaving a part of town that I had found independence, friendships with neighbors, but my life journey was taking me elsewhere.  I was worried about losing my investment in my home, memories built with my family and the secure feeling of home.  But I knew I had to sell.

Ultimately, I sold my house with a company that helped reestablish my career in real estate, moved into a sweet place downtown and started offering my clients real estate services in addition to the interior and wardrobe styling services I had already offered. I’m truly dwelling better than I ever have. It’s the right size, decorated to a “T” and perfectly in order…which is what I want for you, too. I want to make sure that you find home, either making you love where you currently live or finding a new place to love. Let’s get you dwelling better!

All the best,


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