I’m Back!

Hi y’all!! It’s me, Robbie, remember me?? Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been off social media for a little while, but most of you probably haven’t even noticed…so, to those I say, I’ve been off social media for around 3 glorious exhilarating months. I had to take a much needed break from it all…things were going too fast in my life and so much of my life changed this past year that I was trying to figure out how to do it all…so I eliminated social media, gave up caffeine (counter intuitive but it helped so much), focused on my health, my business and a few close relationships. I have to admit, I enjoyed the break way more that I thought I would.

I mean, social media is a challenging part of my life and I know from my friends, it’s a challenging part of their lives too. I love it but I hate it. On one hand, I feel I need it for business promotion, “maybe I’ll get a message from someone wanting this or that”…I also want to see what is going on with my people and share all the amazing things that are going on in my own life. I’ve been through the muck and now things are amazing, so watch it live! ?

But on the other hand, I hate it. I hate comparing myself to my friends that were on this trip or driving that car or doing this or that. I hate when friends get upset that I don’t watch their stories or that I unfollow them, as if any of that actually signifies a real relationship. I love some people in person but can’t stand their social media presence…you might think the same thing about me! I loathe trying to create content for the purpose of exposure versus something of value. I want to share the wins in my life but I struggle with coming across braggy, pretentious and worried about what people are thinking. It’s stupid.

So, I went dark and it has been amazing. I’ve had so much time on my hands to read, to study and to think. I have realized that the majority of the old posts I had put out had been shallow and pointless and of no value to you. More of “I’m doing something cool” than “here is something to make you better.” I archived every one of my posts, deleted my bio and profile pic and deleted all social media from my phone.

But now, I’m back and my purpose is clearer than ever. I’m here to encourage and inspire others to live a better life-from the way they DWELL, the way they DRESS, to the way they FEEL to the way they LOVE.

So, thanks for letting me have a break and I’ll see you again soon.

All the best,



  1. Nadia Vaeh

    Love this and you! On or off social media, you are a light force and inspiration. So happy I crossed paths with you<3

  2. Timothy Norris

    ? nothing but love ! Can’t wait to see what this journey has in store for you , the things that you will accomplish and the walls that you will break down. thrive my friend thrive .

  3. LR

    What a wonderful way to bring together your strengths with what brings people joy in their lives. I look forward to reading more of your posts and how you are delivering concepts of dwell, dress, feel & love.

  4. Jason Thomas

    You, my friend, are amazing! Great return post and I can’t wait to see more! ❤

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